Are you looking to take the step up from hillwalking to mountaineering, then one of our mountain skills courses may be just for you! Challenge yourself to move through higher, challenging and more mountainous terrain as we acquaint you with the new skills required to tackle the British mountains yourself.


All of our mountain skills courses have been meticulously curated to ensure that you go away with a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamental skills and principles required to operate in mountainous environment.


We have painstakingly created a selection of courses that explain everything you need to know from navigation and weather, to equipment and emergency procedures.

By covering the foundation blocks of mountaineering you will go away confident and assured that you can tackle all forms of mountainous terrain and conditions in a safe and efficient manner.

Having the freedom to take the path less trodden is an immensely rewarding experience and these courses will give you the tools to unlock your true potential.

2022 Course Schedule
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